Sturgeon River-Parkland

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages your Conservative Association with the goal of holding the seat for the Conservative Party of Canada. We receive our mandate from the membership, and are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting to achieve the objectives of the Association.

Our Board of Directors consists of:

Dane Lloyd - Candidate

Susan Evans - President

Luke Inberg - Vice President

Tom Cox - Financial Agent

Julia Roy - Secretary 


Kristine Alex - Volunteer/Events Chair
Barbara Costache - Membership Chair
Jesse Furber - Communications Chair
Cherise Giesbrecht - Election Readiness Chair
Roger Hebblethwaite - Policy Chair
Brock Blaszczyk
Adrianna Burden
David Jackson
Jenelle Jean
Michael Klein
Murray Kulak
Imelda McLaren
Victor Moroz
Deborah Mullan
Josh Sawatzky
Cheri Skinner
Jason Vance