McCanns' Law

In 2010, Lyle and Marie McCann of St. Albert, Alberta, were murdered by Travis Vader.

Vader was convicted of manslaughter in 2017 and received a life sentence.

He will be eligible for parole in 2021.

To this day the bodies of Lyle and Marie have not been located and Vader continues to refuse to give the victims’ family peace by revealing the location of their remains.

The McCanns’ son, Bret McCann, had this to say, “…by withholding where he left their bodies, Vader is able to continuously revictimize our family. And without a proper funeral and memorial, our family is unable to fully grieve and reach a measure of closure.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only case in Canada where a killer has concealed the bodies of their victims.

I have introduced a bill in Parliament which would put the rights of victims first. You can read the full text of the bill here.

This isn’t about being vindictive and punishing criminals.

This is about giving the tools to our justice system to help families find the remains of their loved ones.

This is a common-sense change.

I need your help to tell my colleagues in Parliament that Canadians want this new law to pass.

Sign your name below to let me know you’re with me.

Let’s get this done, let’s put victims’ rights first.

Yours truly,

Dane Lloyd